Chalkbored is a must-read for every student, parent, and educator. It …

  • provides an entertaining and hard-hitting critique of modern education.
  • examines basic pedagogical principles and describes the challenges facing every person in school – from students to administrators.
  • is a unique book that will appeal to casual readers and academics alike.
  • incorporates data from 280 sources, including the most important educational research from the last century.
  • maintains its compelling focus, edge, and sense of humor throughout.
  • ends with a vital message: we must all take responsibility for change.
Each chapter contains important information that is relevant to all readers:

Chapter One

introduces basic issues and investigates public perception - what people say about their experience in school.

Two & Three

explain the "fundamental flaws" - the inherent problems in education that must be overcome if any plan for school reform is to succeed.

Four & Five

explore how technology can provide practical solutions. These chapters also examine how financial barriers can be overcome and introduce creative new ideas.

Six & Seven

take a broad view of historical milestones and a candid look at failed reforms of the past, emphasizing that together we can significantly improve education in the near future.

To learn more, you can read excerpts from the book, find a review, or order the book online.

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